Alpha Intelligence ($AI) is embarking on a new phase in its journey, demonstrating its commitment to staying ahead of the curve in technological advancements. The project aims to leverage the power of artificial intelligence to provide a range of new crypto-niche services to token holders. Alpha Intelligence ($AI) is an ambitious and innovative project that aims to harness the capability of artificial intelligence and combine it into the DeFi space with plans to expand outwards. 

Alpha Intelligence ($AI) is a tech-driven project with an extensive suite of up-and-running protocols found on their website ( such as Post to Earn ( and Alpha ‘X’ ( that are already yielding users' income whilst undercutting market costs. Their focus is on combining tech-based services that have ease of use for users with the goal of providing a smoother and easier yet more financially beneficial experience for their holders who take advantage of their already developed technologies and the ones to come. 

The team has invested time and resources into researching and developing an AI portfolio that will be made available to token holders through ‘Alpha Zone’ (  The portfolio offers a range of crypto-niche services, including business idea validation and vetting, logo creation, website design, and video production, to name a few, all using publicly available AI technology. This not only saves time and money but also sparks technological advancement that will be adopted by businesses to run more efficiently. They are also very keen in the development of Wilson, their trading bot that uses currently uses traditional methods of technical analysis but plan to improve and develop his performance through leveraging artificial intelligence and funded through a token tax.They have already developed a Telegram AI bot that can create blogs, logos, business ideas and much more through inputting simple prompts and any relevant information that may improve the end product. 

The team promises their advancements to be far from limited to their own development and have huge ambitions in funding AI start-ups through their DAO giving token holders a stake and part of the decision-making process in which ventures to embark on that they are confident will further facilitate the growth and innovation in this industry and be a major factor in the success of their project.

With AI being a hot topic on the table all over the media, the team is focused and driven to engage in the 2023 AI take-off that was sparked by an extraordinarily successful and futuristic piece of technology developed and freely open to the public, ChatGPT. ChatGPT reached a million users within 5 days trumping all competition in platform start-ups and is improving drastically on a daily basis with extensions built upon it coming out in the hundreds driving a major shift in how the global economy will operate and how businesses will be able to manage their resources and provide cheaper and more efficient products and services. 

The team and community are very focused and incentivized to their DAO-powered AI start-up venture which they believe to be a major driving factor for the project and industry as a whole. For the reasons of huge innovation and market demand in this space, the team is confident that funding for AI start-ups will amount to high returns and huge growth overall, for the industry and Alpha Intelligence as a project.

There is a transaction tax of 2% dedicated to funding AI start-ups, 2% for development and marketing, and 1% towards their custom AI trading bot, Wilson. They launched on Friday 17th at 2 pm UTC on Uniswap with a low market cap of around $150k but are also available for trading on CoinTiger allowing access to smaller buys. A 17% liquidity ratio will ensure positive price movement, while a large marketing campaign, including press releases and relisting on major exchanges, will raise awareness and drive their adoption. They will also be one of the first few AI-oriented projects listed on a CEX.


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