BP-FLAC, the first generative AI EVM Layer-1 public chain, pioneers infinite computing power aggregation. Addressing AI privacy, it optimizes zk algorithms with CUDA. Possessing A100 GPUs on-chain ensures stability, while its Chip RWA Standard sets a new tokenization benchmark. CEO Alexandrine envisions BP-FLAC meeting the AI service needs of 200 million users, solidifying its leadership in blockchain AI.

Recently, BP-FLAC launched the side PoW chain called Eon. It uniquely combines mining with the aggregation of global computational power. In the future, Eon aims to evolve as a Layer 2 solution for Bitcoin, integrating with the Bitcoin ecosystem to enhance its capabilities and contribute to the broader blockchain landscape. As a BP-FLAC sidechain, Eon boasts several key technological features:

1. Limited Supply and Mining Mechanism:
Eon adopts a PoW consensus mechanism, capping the total token supply at 1 billion with a 20-year mining period. The decreasing reward mechanism ensures the scarcity of tokens. This design encourages broader miner participation, enhancing decentralization.

2. Complementarity with BP-FLAC:
Eon focuses on aggregating consumer-grade chips and graphics cards, such as RTX 3080 and 3090, broadening the range of individuals contributing to the mining and computational power supply. This sidechain design enables more people to contribute computing power, increasing overall decentralization and reducing entry barriers compared to BP-FLACs solutions.

3. As a Layer 2 Solution for Bitcoin:
Eon concentrates on integrating with the Bitcoin network to launch secondary DeFi platforms and NFT marketplaces. This integration reduces transaction costs, increases capacity, and builds on Bitcoin's existing strengths, positioning Eon as a key player in the next phase of blockchain evolution.

4. Convergence of AI and Blockchain:
Eon continues BP-FLAC's legacy, actively exploring the convergence of AI and blockchain, including the development of DePIN networks and on-chain model training. This focus positions Eon as a foundational infrastructure provider for the impending AI era, leveraging blockchain technology to enable and advance AI applications.

According to official announcements, Eon is set to launch its Marketplace early next year, offering a shared computing power pool for video cards or chips below the A100. Additionally, EON tokens are scheduled to commence mining in late December or January, with plans to be listed on centralized exchanges in the future. These developments aim to provide users with broader access to computing power and a more convenient token trading experience.

Exciting News: Unlock $WOD Rewards on Forgenet Now!

BP-FLAC has recently launched the WOD Faucet campaign, aiming to inspire more users to experience BP-FLACs test net, Forgenet. The official website (http://wod.ai) has now activated the faucet feature! Anyone can now claim $WOD on Forgenet. This unique campaign provides all users with a zero-cost opportunity to engage with Forgenet.


BP-FLAC Website: https://www.wod.ai/

Eon Website: https://eonchain.xyz

Twitter: https://twitter.com/wod_global

Discord: https://discord.gg/CscJeyvybG

Telegram: https://t.me/Wod_Global


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