Carbon12, a cryptocurrency created for uninterrupted trade among Christians, seeks to build a parallel economy of Christians that operates outside the established financial system. In December 2022, $C12 will debut on major cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide.

Carbon12 is a cryptocurrency created by Christians for Christians to establish a parallel economy of believers functioning independently of the traditional financial system. Carbon12's innovative use cases will establish a new method of decentralized transactions for believers on a global scale while also leveraging the collective 2.38 billion Christian's financial power, with the ultimate aim of bringing one billion more people into God's Kingdom.

Carbon12 Pre-Sale Timeline 

On July 14, 2022, 777 million $C12 tokens were minted. 155,400,000 of these tokens will be sold to the public through private and public sales.

Forum12, a group of faith-based futurists and developers of Carbon12, is announcing the pre-sale, public launch, and trading timelines for the $C12 token.

  • Pre-Sale September 7, 2022. Pre-sale 69,930,000 tokens — 9% of tokens are for participants in the Pre-sale. The price per token will be $0.0355 and a lockout period of one year with a quarterly linear unlock schedule.

  • Public Launch of $C12 on Major Cryptocurrency Exchanges December 7, 2022. Public Sale 77,700,000 tokens — 10% of the tokens are for participants in the Public Sale. The price per token will be $0.0444 with no vesting period.

To prepare for the pre-sale starting on September 7th, participants will receive an exclusive 20% discount on all $C12 tokens. Go to and click “buy now” to get in early on this revolutionary project.

If you purchase on September 7th, you will be receiving an additional 7% airdrop of what you buy as a token of our appreciation. This will be delivered to your Avalanche wallet, be sure to complete the airdrop form after you purchase $C12.

The Carbon12 Token, $C12, was created on the Avalanche blockchain to:

  • Facilitate asset ownership

  • Serve as a long-term investment

  • Serve as dividend rewards through staking (locking up $C12 tokens over time to receive rewards)

  • Used to facilitate commerce transactions (purchasing online, merchandise, service transactions, etc.), and

  • Serve as a tool for tithing and donations outside of centralized bank powers.

Carbon12 Partners & Future Endeavors

Carbon12's goal is to keep the Church at the forefront of technology development and remain dedicated to creating the most advanced technology available while providing a user-friendly interface.

Carbon12 will use funds from Public Sale to fund a liquidity pool and develop “Signet” which will act as a wallet that stores tokens and user data, with a Single-Sign-On interface. Signet stores encrypted data securely and immutably on Arweave, while ensuring that data is still readily accessible to its owner (and only its owner).   Soon after an API that eCommerce sites may use Carbon12 as a payment option will be developed as well as HolARgram, a Faith based blockchain social network with personal 3D augmented reality recording.

Plans for GridIron will start in 2023 after Carbon12 and HolARgram have become popular with the global faith-based community. This particular use case is important because of the potential financial and architectural gains. HolARgram will be the first client of GridIron 1.0, most likely in late 2023 or early 2024.

"Carbon12 allows believers to come alongside the Creator as His coworkers while He builds His Kingdom here on earth." 

Take a look at some of the projects in the works and consider being a part of this global effort.

  • Kingdom WarriorsKingdom Warriors is an epic 2,222-piece NFT collection. Get a Free NFT Education Course to learn how to bring the Kingdom back into the Art, Entertainment, and Technology industries in a new way.

  • LightDAO – LightDAO is a charity and NFT marketplace that is transparent, decentralized, and serves as a platform for charities and artists to express faith, love, integrity, generosity, courage, and truth.

  • Reformers NFT – Reformers is a group of 126 non-fungible tokens that are constantly expanding. Being a part of the Reformer community gives you access to special resources, private channels, events, and more.

  • ManyHands Compassion International – ManyHands is a collection of generative artwork created entirely in VR by Compassion International. Sales support scholarships for students in Haiti.

  • FaithTech – The FaithTech Community is a worldwide tech community for Christ. They exist to assist individuals in the tech sector to discover community and profit from their talents to glorify God.

  • XBible – The Bible is not just a book for Christians- it is a foundation for our lives. With this app, you can easily access powerful content, commentary, topics related to the Bible, and more.

Learn more about how to get started with Carbon12 on their website. To be alerted of special offers, events, and more about the Carbon12 timeline, register for the Carbon12 newsletter on their website. You may also join the Carbon12 discord group here.

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About Forum12 

Forum12 is an anonymous apostolic mission that utilizes advancements in technology to expand the reach of the Gospel to all nations and peoples while positioning the Church on the forefront of innovation.

About Carbon12

Carbon12 is an innovative and decentralized platform that allows the global faith-based community to utilize blockchain technology in new ways. Carbon12 is a cryptocurrency token designed for Christians to transact with one another, tithe to their churches, and build the Kingdom of God. Operating in a native currency will unite the worldwide Church like never before, as we circulate Christian funds in an economy that operates independently of the traditional financial system.

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