This 2021will be a more than interesting year for EntherFound, its CEO Imre Henn tells us from his logistics center, what this year has in store for his project.

The pre-sale phase of its ETF token, which runs on the Ethereum blockchain, is coming to an end, it has been delayed up to three times due to purely strategic and cyclical issues. Unforeseen events that have disrupted the company’s plans, but it confirms that they are preparing for a public sale on the Vindax exchange, the first days of February of this year, and as users grow, we will make the previous agreements effective with the different exchanges, with which the agreement is imminent, only waiting to achieve the requested volume.

Imre shows special interest in the strategy that investors holding ETF tokens around the world will follow, since, in verbatim words, Babiera’s sentence: “The best stage of the EntherFound token will be at the end of 2021, when we will start to withdraw (burn) tokens from the market, to increase its value to 10 USD”, in order to have a closed price with which to manage the business of buying and selling its products internationally, thus eliminating the fractions in prices, and abrupt differences in exchange rates with different currencies.

One of the fundamental pillars, or star product of the ETF whitepaper, is the sale of square meters of land certified for the cultivation of medical marijuana to the small investor, who without previous knowledge of agriculture, can access the benefits of this growing millionaire industry in a simple way.

Michelle Kerr, deputy director, tells us about the difficulties and challenges, derived from the pandemic, which they have had to face thanks to the current situation, they have suffered delays, especially in relation to permits and bureaucratic certifications on land, which have significantly affected EntherFound’s plans, and which have been the cause of some delay or modification of the road map initially proposed.

What will be the future of EntherFound?

Without a doubt, it is a question that depends on several factors, the most important in the short term, is the level of confidence that our investors have in the project, many new users interested in EntherFound are expectant, attentive to the movements that the most veteran have If there is a massive sale in the market, it will take a little longer to reach the figures we want, but without a doubt we will, we have achieved a capitalization that allows us to fully develop the entire project that I’ve been dreaming of, says Imre. And we will become a benchmark in the million-dollar medical marijuana industry.

We started out focused on cultivation, but along the way we have discovered other associated businesses, with equal or greater potential than cultivation itself. And it is that of CBD-based cosmetics, and soon EntherFound will not only be a cultivation company, if not a company with its own production of products derived from medical marijuana, whose distribution model will be network marketing, and the currency payment of these products, as it was not going to be otherwise, it will be ETF token, which will make the leap to its own blockchain, wallet, app, and more…

Without a doubt, EntherFound is a solid project, with an important human factor, since the vast majority of our partners are small and medium savers, distributed throughout the world, with whom we will take the quantum leap that we deserve for growth work like the one we carry.

*** Tip: Selling ETF tokens for less than 5USD is the wrong decision.