Levinswap Offers DEX Users a Way Out of High Gas Fees

Levinswap is an automated market maker (AMM) and DEX that provides users a reliable alternative to the current Ethereum-based standards in the market. The platform introduces some cool and unique features to make the conversion from competitors seamless. It also allows regular users to provide liquidity to projects in exchange for rewards.

Levinswap shares many of the features found on popular DEXs such as Uniswap. However, the platform was built specifically to function on the fourth-generation blockchain xDai. Currently, it’s one of the first networks to offer automated liquidity provisioning on the xDai blockchain.

What Problems Does Levinswap Attempt to Fix?

Levinswap eliminates many of the biggest problems currently faced by DEX users. For one, since it’s built on xDai, users don’t have to pay high gas fees for every transaction. Additionally, the network simplifies the conversion by allowing users to exchange xDai tokens for ERC-20 tokens in the form of Ethereum bridged tokens. Once exchanged, anyone can provide liquidity via farming pools and earn rewards.

Ethereum Gas Fees

One of the main factors that drove Levinswap to launch on xDai is congestion. Ethereum users are caught in a bit of a conundrum in that the network was built to increase fees in accordance with its usage. Unfortunately, the current DeFi and NFT trends have pushed Ethereum’s fees to record highs. 

Levinswap users avoid these fees and enjoy a much faster trading experience due to the platform’s technical specs. For example, xDai can process 15-20 transactions per second, whereas, Ethereum can only handle 7 tps. Consequently, Levinswap has the capability to scale upward to meet the needs of its community.

Benefits of Levinswap

Lower fees are one of the main benefits gained by converting your DEX activities over to Levinswap. The network is more responsive than Uniswap and offers users many of the top features from Uniswap and more.


Another benefit gained by Levinswap users is higher rewards. These upgraded rewards can be earned by providing liquidity, trading, or just for participating in the network at certain levels. The developers have already conducted multiple airdrops to the community.

How Does Levinswap Work

At the core of the Levinswap experience is the open-source interface. This strategy allows outside developers to build on the functionalities of the network to create innovative features in the future. Best of all, these features leverage xDai to provide a better UX.


From the easy-to-use interface, you can exchange all your favorite ERC-20 tokens using powerful analytics. Notably, using the DEX feature doesn’t require any technical know-how. The developers mimicked the interface of other top DEXs like SushiSwap in a bid to keep the entire trading experience familiar.

Farming Pools

Another top feature of Levinswap is the farming pools. Farming pools allow regular users to secure passive income simply by providing liquidity. Since the launch of these pools, Levinswap has seen considerable adoption. The first pools reached a milestone of $250,000 in liquidity in just 2 days. Currently, you can farm LEVIN/WXDAI, LEVIN/STAKE, STAKE/WXDAI, ETH/LEVIN, REALT-9481/LEVIN, REALT-1115/LEVIN.

Token Lists

You can also save time on researching and finding the best tokens to trade thanks to the new Token List feature. The developers have scoured the Ethereum network to bring you the most reputable projects in one list. Avoid rug pulls by sticking to these top-quality projects.

Levin Token

The Levin Token is how users interact with the network. You can farm or trade Levin and earn rewards for your efforts. Additionally, the network often provides users with additional promotions to help further the tokens demand and users’ ROIs.

Levinswap – Avoid the Fees and Enjoy Faster Trades

As Ethereum’s current gas fee fiasco doesn’t appear to have a clear-cut ending in sight, networks like Levinswap are more attractive than ever. The decision to launch the platform on xDai and the combination of features included in the protocol make it an ideal choice for anyone sick of paying sky-high fees to use their DEX. For these reasons, Levinswap is set to see continued adoption for the foreseeable future.