Anyone familiar with crypto index creation can attest to the time it takes to compose a quality fund. This process can take days, or even weeks to complete because it requires you to have a strong grasp of the market conditions, coins, and regulations. Additionally, the market’s volatility means you need to actively manage these funds to ensure your ROI stays on track. 

Unfortunately, this is a daunting task for even the most experienced traders. Sadly, most new traders fall short across the board in terms of crypto index creation and management. They pick the wrong investments and lack the skills to manage their account properly. In most instances, this leads to losses across the board, disgruntled traders, and slowed cryptocurrency adoption. Luckily, there is a company in the market seeking to eliminate this situation – Shrimpy.

Shrimpy to the Rescue

Shrimpy is a next-generation social trading platform that was built from the ground up to streamline crypto index creation and monitoring. The platform introduces an easy-to-navigate interface that makes it simple for anyone to start a cryptocurrency index fund in minutes. The developers behind this revolutionary platform boast that the network reduces crypto index processes from days to minutes. 

Powerful Features that Make Things Easy

Shrimpy introduces a host of powerful features to the cryptocurrency sector that makes it easy to construct a diversified portfolio that is automated by an indexing strategy, social leader, or custom allocations. These technologies serve two main purposes. The first goal is to remove all technical barriers to crypto index creation and monitoring. The second is to ensure liquidity within the Shrimpy ecosystem. Here are some of the best features Shrimpy users get to enjoy:

Streamlined Index Creation

Shrimpy includes a smart indexing tool that requires no technical skills to utilize. A new user can easily select their coins from the portal. The protocol even lets you weight your index by the market capitalization or by equal weights. Best of all, your portfolio will automatically monitor and correct your portfolio to maintain your preset parameters. 

Rebalancing Protocols

Shrimpy offers two rebalancing protocols that make index account maintenance a breeze. The time and threshold protocols actively change your portfolio to meet your percentage criteria during market volatility. Specifically, the time rebalance feature evaluates and readjusts your holdings at a preset time daily. The threshold rebalancing code adjusts your holdings based on a preset allocation percentage.

These features are ideal for new traders. For example, you could set your portfolio to only include the top ten cryptocurrencies based on market cap. If one of your coins falls out of the top ten, the system will trade it out and replace it with the new top coin. From here you can set up exactly how you want these coins to break down in terms of holdings. There are a ton of options like the ability to choose to hold equal amounts of the top 10 – 20 cryptocurrencies. 

Free Up Your Day

Shrimpy empowers investors through its unique toolset. The ability to automate your portfolio is a fantastic option that is sure to attract investors in droves. These protocols are used by professional traders to decrease risk exposure and increase profits safely. Shrimpy levels the playing field and even gives new users a boost through its unique strategy.


Currently, Shrimpy offers access to 16 cryptocurrencies exchanges with hundreds of different cryptocurrencies. Additionally, if there are digital assets that you don’t see on the network, Shrimpy allows you to add them to your portfolio via a cold storage feature. The platform will register the new assets in your portfolio automatically. This system allows you to load your funds on any of your linked exchange accounts. 

In-depth Monitoring Across Multiple Platforms

Shrimpy users never have to worry about spending hours monitoring and tracking their trading activity across these exchanges. Shrimpy places access to all the relevant data needed to stay in tune with your holdings via its clean and interactive interface. Shrimpy also includes these assets in its portfolio balance calculations. 

Social trading

One of the best features found on Shrimpy is its Social Trading system. This next-gen trading protocol allows anyone to duplicate an experienced trader’s strategy automatically. The ability to clone the trades of experts allows new users to make a profit and learn at the same time. Each trade is a mini-lesson in what conditions and strategies work best for traders today. 

Eventually, the student can become the master. Once you are secure in your ability to earn a healthy ROI, you can add to your profits by allowing others to copy your trades. In addition to paying back the community, Shrimpy pays you a respectable $4 for every follower you gain. 

There is also the option to make all of your trades public for free as well. Again, this is another awesome feature that shows the developers are all about the community. They give traders more options and opportunities to earn passive income or contribute in other ways. 

Shrimpy is Live

Last week, Shrimpy launched a Premium Social Trading Group. This long-anticipated update will simplify the way users create trading groups and charge followers. The news system is based on Assets Under Management (AUM) or Performance. Discussing the update, Michael McCarty, Shrimpy’s CEO spoke on the platform’s milestones. He described how Shrimpy is “opening a new chapter for Bitcoin trading by bringing social communities to cryptocurrency.” 

Lastly, he touched on the powerful trading duplication features Shrimpy is known for. He explained how new users gain so much from access to Shrimpy’s forums, groups, and features. In this way, Shrimpy will lead to further Bitcoin adoption moving forward.

Say Goodbye to Signal Groups

Shrimpy combines the best aspects of signal groups and the ease of blockchain. The protocol automates the complicated processes and provides users with a better alternative in the market. It’s for these reasons it’s easy to picture Shrimpy holding a key position in the market moving forward.