SYL Token, the coin issued by SYLTARE Trading Co., Ltd. (SYLTARE TCG), will debut on LBank on August 17th. This is another crucial step for SYLTARE TCG in building a comprehensive ecosystem for the global trading of digital assets.

Through LBank, a popular cryptocurrency exchange, SYLTARE TCG will provide a more convenient way to trade digital assets. 

The listing of SYL Token on LBank will also contribute to developing SYLTARE TCG’s community and ecosystem.

A Highly Anticipated Debut

The SYLTARE game, which uses the SYL Token as its in-game token, is the top-ranked trading card game on On August 18th, the game will launch worldwide, and this listing will give gamers a heads-up about the many different CEX available. 

The SYL token will allow players to purchase, sell, and trade cards inside the game. Furthermore, they will have access to premium content and features. Investors are looking closely at SYLTARE TCG as its global release draws near.

A Competitive Tokenomics Design

Unlike any other project, SYLTARE features a token economy built with longevity in mind. Over the course of 5 years, 100,000,000 SYL Tokens will become available. Any further distribution will be impossible, as defined by the project’s smart contract. 

Karma Points serve as the game’s primary currency, and users may obtain them in two ways: 

  1. Swapping SYL Tokens.
  2. Playing in the Normal Mode. 

Tournaments, Sit&Go, and Normal Mode play with the staking of SYLTARE NFT cards provide players with Reward points. 

A respected tokenomics expert explained nine out of ten P2E projects use a FOMO-based strategy to attract more investors.

The SYLTARE team is working towards its worldwide debut in a low-key manner compared to the norm in their sector. 

They also resonate with an obsession-like attitude when burning their token to manage its value. The analyst believes it is just a matter of time until SYLTARE joins the most sustainable and trustworthy blockchain projects.

Managing the Token Value

SYLTARE plans to manage its token value by implementing various measures, including a rigorous in-game token burn schedule. 

This will help to make the SYL Token more valuable and sustainable. The Team SYLTARE is committed to providing a sustainable token ecosystem for both SYLTARE NFT holders and game players. 

The founders want to focus on bringing in more players and having a sturdy foundation in the burn rate. This will create a better economy for everyone involved.

The Global Gleam Event Announcement

SYLTARE is excited to announce the launch of its first global gleam event from August 11th to August 25th. Participants can earn $10,000 in prize money by completing various tasks and challenges. 

There are different ways to enter the giveaways. Users can follow @SYLTARE on Twitter, retweet their posts, and tweet with the #SYLTARE_GIVEAWAY hashtag. 

People may also join their Discord server, Telegram group, YouTube channel, or visit their website to enter. Finally, gamers can also play on their website for free and have a chance to join the event.

About Syltare 

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) represent cards and ownership in the collectible card game Syltare.

Expected to hit the market on August 18th, this trading card game is creating enormous hype. In the game’s free-to-play version, players may earn Karma Points. The KP system will open up the game to new players. 

Below are the links to Syltare’s website and social media pages for anyone interested in more details on this upcoming game.

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