The social world plays a crucial role in cryptocurrency adoption by raising awareness and offering a communication platform. For instance, nearly every crypto-related service providing company uses Telegram to communicate with possible investors about new products. Moreover, these platforms use Twitter to announce new tokens, tokens sales, new upgrades, etc.

However, these systems are not sufficiently providing the services, especially for crypto users. A user has to have Telegram, Twitter and several crypto wallets to complete simple transactions and communicate. The complications hinder the general growth of the crypto world, thus delaying the adoption of cryptocurrencies. However, a new platform is rising, Carbon, replacing other social networks in the race to accelerate crypto adoption. 

Carbon and Crypto adoption

Carbon is a social crypto network introduced to solve the problems of dependability in centralized non-crypto social platforms. This blockchain-based network merges highly unique functionalities aiding in the day to day crypto services provision. 

The platform’s experienced team has crypto solutions assuring users of perfect functionality. Among the best communication, social features merged include; 

  • Social feed- The social feed aids users to connect with other crypto enthusiasts and receive updated crypto news. 
  • Like the classic phone book, the carbon platform merges a contact book allowing users to store contact details like the username for future dealings. The user will keep the contacts in either a centralized or decentralized manner on the blockchain. 
  • Password vault- The carbon password vault has end-to-end encryption safeguarding users’ passwords, private keys, etc. The technology used to protect the details is unhackable, like hard wallets. Moreover, it leverages multifactor authentication for top security assurance.  
  • Messenger- This tool adopts Telegram-like features allowing users to send direct messages to contacts or groups. Direct messages are highly private and go only to the authorized persons, while the group messages go to a particular team selected. 
  • Notepad- Persons can write and save crypto and non-crypto information and details using the notepad tool found in Carbon. 
  • Another unique feature is the calendar and event feature that allows users to add events to a calendar to make their followers aware.
  • The platform also introduces a donation system targeting ETH donations for system app development and CRBN donations as a reward to token holders.
  • Crypto team tools aid users to open a team account and access team privileges in the carbon platform. Users will promote posts to a team and enjoy other top functionalities and maximized team benefits.
  • CRBN holdings to access tools will give access to some features based on individual CRBN holding. If a certain group or individual’s account does not have the required minimum, they won’t access these features. Setting minimums will encourage people to purchase more, thus accelerating crypto adoption.

The Growing Crypto Market

Although the crypto world currently has a market cap of about 431 billion USD, rising by 2% from last year, there are still many opportunities not yet explored. For instance, the crypto world always depends on outside communication service providers, most of which aren’t reliable and are full of insecurities. The lack of proper service providers is among the factors hindering this high-value sector’s fast global adoption.

However, by introducing Carbon, access to crypto services will be easy for everyone. Foremost, a user will only need one app for communication, news, and token holding. Therefore, merging these services will lead to faster global crypto adoption.

Non-crypto users will also see the great features of decentralized communication and storage, and they will want to try blockchain financial services. The technical processes from account creation, saving, and reading are decentralized entirely and easy. 

The Carbon Roadmap

Carbon launches the public token sale on November 9, 2020, and will distribute the tokens 48 hours after the token sale ends. In this season, the token will be listed in UniSwap to bolster liquidity and other exchanges for partnerships purposes. The listing and token sale happen between November 2020 and December 2020.

In December 2020, Carbon will launch a front end user interface, doing little technological demonstrations. Just after that, the marketing prelaunch will begin in January, with the platform launching the social feed and contact features before January ends.

The NFT gallery, leaderboards, and donations will be active from the end of February, followed by the password vault, notepad, and messaging options. The last part of the original features launches in April 2021 with the calendar, airdrops, and promotional tools. However, this is not the end of the platform’s development; there will be regular updates of the platforms’ functionality. 

Final Note

Carbon’s launch in the crypto space is a significant boat in the fight to accelerate crypto adoption. This network’s independence from other social networks will guide its general success in cryptography and the rest of the world. The social tools merged will help induce more to join the crypto world, enjoy the rest of the futuristic inventions like the password vault. 

Carbon will also have its own token CRBN, which begins to sell publicly in November. The donation and reward system aims to ensure the token holders’ proper rewarding while putting equal effort into the app’s development and progress. Everyone is invited to invest and enjoy the most futuristic crypto advantages. 

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